Life on a dating site: A review

Sometime last year i decided to join a dating site. I’ve always been unlucky in love so thought why not give it a try? I joined Zoosk first and after leaving that found myself on Plenty of Fish, i’m no longer on the latter but i’d never say never about joining it again. I’m going to talk about my experiences on both sites.

Since i was new to the world of online dating Zoosk was chosen as it was the first on the list when searching dating sites on google, on reflection i probably should’ve checked out other sites before just choosing the first one i clicked on.

It was quite easy to register with the site but it became clear upon signing up that in order for me to actually talk to anybody i would need to pay for a subscription. I really didn’t want to give up my money for something that might be a waste of time but all i could do on it was send people a message saying i’m interested and view profiles, there was no way i could communicate with anybody, so i did give in and paid for a full month as the site was useless without it. I then discovered that even when you do pay everything isn’t free.

The month i spent on there was just a waste of my time and money. If i was to send a message to someone and they hadn’t subscribed then they couldn’t reply or contact me in any way. So i could send a message to a guy and be left wondering if he was just ignoring me or just couldn’t reply as he hadn’t subscribed! They wouldn’t tell you if the person was a subscribed user so you had no idea at all and could be wasting your time for nothing, it was stupid.

And then there was a feature where all you would see is an image of a user and from that you had to choose yes, no or maybe as to wether you would meet them or not. Talk about judging people on looks and how from just a picture could that make me know if i wanted to meet someone or not? For each person you said yes or maybe to you’d get a coin and if it was mutual that you both wanted to meet, you’d use the coins so you could view their profile. If you had no coins then you couldn’t view their profile and had to buy them.

During my time on there i did have a few conversations with guys and there was only one who i ended up exchanging numbers with but it never went anywhere as he lived to far away and it just wouldn’t have worked and i noticed that after a while the same guys would show up and it just became boring. As soon as my subscription ended i left the site straightaway, overall i wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

Not long after that i decided to join Plenty of Fish or POF as it is known, there was quite a few questions to answer upon joining but once signed up it was very easy to use and it was all new and exciting for me as there a lot of different guys on it and more people who lived near me which i thought was good. This site was free to join and whilst there is options to be an upgraded member which comes with a few perks, you don’t really need to pay to join as you can send messages and view profiles and such all for free which was a massive improvement from Zoosk.

Not being an upgraded did mean that i was unable to see if a guy had read the message i’d sent him but after a few months it somehow decided to let me see if they’d read them which was very weird as i never upgraded. Whilst i liked having the privilege at first i hated it towards the end as i was forever looking if my message had been seen and when i didn’t get a reply from certain guys it was annoying knowing they’d read but chose to ignore me.

POF also had a meet me feature similar to the one on Zoosk but it was way better, instead of just showing a photo it let you read their profile too so it wasn’t based just on looks. The only niggle again was that you couldn’t see who wanted to meet you without subscribing but again that appeared to me one day too like with the messages. I did get some use out of it and messaged a few guys as i thought that they may have been more interested in me with them saying they were interested in meeting me.
Another feature on it was one that listed the top guys who you matched with the most and out of all the guys on the site they were the ones who they think you should be dating. I highly doubted that the list was accurate as many of the guys on my list were ones i’d talked to and not had stuff in common with or ones who just never replied to my messages.

Overall i didn’t dislike my time on POF, i had a number of conversations with guys some of them i talked to for months and some for a short time. There was one guy who i’d been talking to for a while and i liked him but he just decided to randomly block me one day without telling me so be prepared for guys doing that to you! I did get quite a few others who just stopped replying when we were halfway through the conversation and that did really annoy me as it was just a waste of my time. I met up one guy overall and whilst nothing came of it, it did make me have a better opinion of the site and that there could be a chance of meeting someone nice. It never really felt like i’d seen every user after a few weeks like the other site too, there were always new people joining up so there was always new someone you could message.

I’ll be honest here, i’ve never had a boyfriend and wouldn’t say i’m a very social person outside of work, so i felt that joining this would be give me a chance to talk to guys and maybe find one who liked me enough to want to meet me. I didn’t feel like there was a guy on there who i did want to meet up with. I guess i’d gotten a bit bored of it as i’d been on there about 6 months and the conversations were feeling a bit same as being asked the same questions over and over made me lose interest. That’s why i wouldn’t say no to signing up again as i feel that there could be someone on there for me but right now i don’t really feel like i can give it my attention and i’d just be having conversations with my heart not being in it. For all of you out there who are quite weary of joining, i would say don’t dismiss it as an option, yes there are guys who aren’t being themselves but there are also guys who are genuine and really would like to get to know someone. So give it a try and see what you think, it doesn’t have to be POF there are plenty of other sites that may be even better than that so give them a shot.

If anyone reading this has ever been on a dating site let me know your stories.




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