Messages i’ve been sent on a dating site

Being on a dating site means that are you open to receiving¬†all different types of messages and whenever one pops up in your inbox you never know what it’s going to say. Here are some messages i received during my time on a dating site.
Lets just say these conversations never went any further…

Is your Dad a boxer? Because your a knockout

Hey, now stop searching I’m here !

Why are you on here, you’re so beautiful and don’t need to be using a dating app.


You n me baby ain’t nothing but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel ūüźíūüé§
But on a serious note.. although there’s plenty more cheekiness right here ūüėú… Hope you’ve had a pleasant week? Btw, what can swim faster, a dog or a horse? ūü§Ē

You can drag me to music concerts if it meant I could hold your hand

¬†Are the odds im my favor do ya think ūüėŹ?



Show you must watch: Bad Girls

For Christmas my mum got me the complete boxset of the TV show Bad Girls. For anyone not quite familiar with Bad Girls it was a British drama series that ran for 8 series and aired on ITV from 1999-2006. It was about the inmates and staff of a fictional woman’s prison called Larkhill.

I watched it when i was younger but can only remember certain things that happened, so i’m enjoying re-watching and i’m already on Series 5 and it’s so addictive! They really need to show the whole series on¬†ITV again as i don’t think it would feel too dated¬†and many of¬†storylines and issues raised are still happening today. For those of you are fan of¬†Wentworth Prison & Orange Is the New Black i would definitely recommend giving this a watch.

Many of the actors in the show can be seen on TV screens today, they include Linda Henry, Luisa Bradshaw-White & Kellie Bright who are all in Eastenders and coincidently part of the same family. Debra Stephenson who has done various projects and Claire King who is currently starring in Coronation Street.
There are many great characters who appear throughout the series, some long running and others for just a few episodes. Some of my favourites are:

Jim Fenner ¬†– One of the prison officers who is without a doubt more evil than the prisoners, he has broke the law many a time and should be behind bars. He schemes to get what he wants and doesn’t care if he has stab a fellow officer in the back whilst doing so. He has also had romantic liaisons with the prisoners and even resorted to attacking and in some cases working with them.¬†

Yvonne Atkins – She is most definitely my fave character. She is the top dog of G Wing who mainly resorts to violence, to stop someone who needs their comeuppance and has been bullying fellow inmates. She is a loyal friend to have in the prison and will always help them when they need it. She is married to a London gangster and doesn’t have any trouble with getting what she wants money wise.

Julie Saunders & Julie Johnston – They have such a close bond that they are more like sisters and are usually known as the two Julies. They are probably the least harmful out of all the inmates in the prison. Their nasty streak only coming out when their families are put in harm’s way or when they don’t agree with events that have taken place.

Sylvia Hollamby – Known to the inmates as BodyBag. She is mostly seen complaining about how much she hates the job and would rather be sat down relaxing then working. She is hated by all of the inmates and is not afraid to put them in their place and give them the punishment they deserve. The abuse¬†she gets¬†from the inmates due to¬†this doesn’t bother her one bit and she loves nothing more than seeing them get their comeuppance.

There is always something dramatic happening in the show such as fights, escapes and new inmates thrown in to cause a stir.  Also there is many comical moments that provide light relief from the drama.
In my opinion the first five series are better than the last three as all my fave characters are active then but it doesn’t become unwatchable at any point and there are storylines to keep you gripped from start to finish.

Music i am loving right now


Secret Love Song by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

The first time i heard this on the album it blew me away, it’s such a powerful song and the vocals are just stunning. Each member has a chance to show of their voice and they all deliver. And then you’ve got Jason Derulo on there as well adding some killer vocals to create the big powerful song that it is.
When i seen the video of them performing this live with Jason for the first time it gave me chills and tears in my eyes. It sounded exactly the same as it did on the album and hopefully it made people see just how amazing they are. I think they are so underrated and deserve more recognition for how talented they are.
YouTube: Secret Love Song (Official Video)
Dangerously by Charlie Puth

Firstly, Charlie’s whole album is just fantastic and second his voice just blows me away. Out of all the songs though this is the one i keep coming back to the most and i hope that he releases this a single. This song is very catchy, i was singing along to after like the second listen and it’s like a part 2 of Grenade by Bruno Mars.
YouTube: Charlie Puth РDangerously [Official Audio]

Stand By You by Rachel Platten
This song is a great follow up to her massive hit Fight Song and is just as inspiring. I feel like this song would have done really well at the Eurovision Song Contest with the empowering lyrics that it has. Though she sang it on a couple of shows here in the UK it doesn’t seem to have impressed many people as it should have.¬†
YouTube: Stand By You (Official Video)
Ur Love by Diego Boneta
You may recognise this guy from the movie Rock of Ages and more recently the hit show Scream Queens but he also has provided us with some very catchy songs. Following on from The Warrior and The Hurt (of which you should also check out!), this is the third song of his i have heard and yet again i’m impressed. ¬†I downloaded this after the first listen,¬†It’s very upbeat and catchy and you cannot fail to like it. I really hope that an album is on the way, if the songs i’ve so far are anything to go by it will be very impressive.
 YouTube: Ur Love (Official Video)
 I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
¬†After hearing Stitches i was very intrigued as to what his other songs were like, so i purchased his album to find out that his other songs were just as good. I only got the standard version and he has since released another version with extra songs including this. This features Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony and i instantly liked this upon hearing it and just had to add it to my collection. I think their voices work very well together and i won’t be surprised if it is as big as Stitches.
YouTube: I Know What You Did Last Summer (Official Video)
Other songs to check out:
Pillowtalk by Zayn –¬†Pillowtalk (Official Video)
7 Years by Lukas Graham –¬†7 Years (Official Video)
Glowing in the Dark by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher –¬†Glowing in the Dark (Official Video)
Written in the Stars by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher –¬†Written in the Stars (Official Video)
Money by Lawson –¬†Money (Official Video)
The Hurt by Diego Boneta –¬†The Hurt (Official Video)

The Warrior by Diego Boneta –¬†The Warrior (Official Video)
We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez –¬†We Don’t Talk Anymore (Official Audio)
Youth by Troye Sivan –¬†Youth (Lyric Video)

Let me know your opinions of the songs mentioned and what songs you are loving right now. 

tewsimple – A Youtuber to check out

A while back i randomly came across the channel tewsimple on YouTube after her video came up in the search results. I watched the video and found myself looking at other videos she had posted and liking them.

Paula (tewsimple) deserves a lot more subscribers than she has. I enjoy her videos just as much as the more bigger vloggers like Zoella & Pointlessblog. She uploads a bunch of different videos from¬†vlogs to monthly favourites and clothing hauls. I especially loved the “What NOT to say on Tinder” video she posted a few weeks back, it was very funny. Her videos are always entertaining and through watching her monthly favourites i have discovered new music.

So if you are looking for a new youtuber to check out then i highly suggest taking a look at Paula’s channel.

tewsimple: YouTube Channel

Product review: Anhydrol Forte

I’d suffered with underarm sweating since i was a teenager, i’d tried all the different brands of deodorant from Dove to Sure none of which did the job. It was very embarrassing having sweat patches under my arm and the horrible smell that went with it. One day a conversation with a work colleague somehow turned to the topic of my issue with sweating and she told me about a product she buys called Anhydrol Forte, she said that she and her daughters use it and worked for them so she got me some.

This product has worked absolute wonders for me and i haven’t had to use deodorant since. It can be used under arms, on hands or feet and is applied at night and washed off in the morning. It contains aluminium chloride hexahydrate which helps reduce sweating by blocking sweat ducts in the skin and provide a deodorant action by killing the bacteria that cause body odour.

It is recommended that the product be applied two nights in a row then to skip two nights and again use it two nights and keep repeating this cycle. I admit there has been nights where i have fell asleep and forgot to apply, also times when i haven’t bothered using it and still even then i haven’t had any trouble with sweating. On the down side there have been times when i’ve applied the product only to wash it off within minutes due to it irritating my skin, in that case i have left it and tried it again another night and not had any problem with it. Also you need to make sure that you do not use it the same day as you’ve shaved your underarms, believe me it hurts like hell!

I’ve read a few things online about the ingredients used in the product causing health issues but i’ve had no problems with it and there are people who need to inform others about possible risks but there are no warnings about possible health issues on the actual leaflet that is issued with the product.

Overall i highly recommend this product to those who suffer like me. It can be purchased at chemists and you don’t need a prescription to buy it, it retails at about ¬£5 and lasts a very long time with a long expiry date. I’m on my second bottle and must have had my first one for easily 2 years and i used it quite a bit. So if you are looking for something to cure any problems with sweating under arms, on the feet and hands give this a try. If anybody reading also uses this or tries this due to reading this let me know what you think of the product.

I have copied some of the information about the product from the leaflet which is provided with the product.


The product

Another year of amazing live shows ahead!

One of my biggest loves in life is seeing my fave artists live on tour, you cannot beat the feeling of seeing them perform live to an audience full of people who all share the same admiration for the artist as i do. So whenever someone who i admire announces they are doing a tour i just have to be there!

In January i went to the Strictly Come Dancing tour at the Sheffield Arena, it was an Xmas present for my mum and¬†despite the fact that i wasn’t really a Strictly fan i decided to go with her. ¬†Jay who won the last series, was a member of one of my fave bands The Wanted, so him being there was a good enough reason to go.

It turned out to be a wonderful night and¬†me not being an avid viewer didn’t effect my view of the show at all. The celebs/dancers were amazing and so were the outfits and the presenter/judges provided us with a laugh. The audience were also made to feel part of the show by voting for their fave via text of which my fave Jay was crowned the winner of the glitter ball trophy that night.¬†I would without a doubt go again as it made a change seeing a different type of show.

I have 4 upcoming concerts for the rest of the year and i am so excited for them all.
They are:

Little Mix :
I seen them on their last arena tour and they were so amazing, they are one of the best lives acts that i have ever seen. Since i last seen them they have released their latest album Get Weird which features 2 of my all time fave songs of theirs Black Magic & Secret Love Song. Black Magic being one of the catchiest songs ever and Secret Love Song showing off their stunning vocals. I know for sure that it will be a top night seeing the best girl band in the world.

Twitter: @LittleMix
YouTube: Little Mix YouTube Channel

5 Seconds of Summer:
I have never seen them on their own tour so this is something that i am really looking forward too! Their debut album is one of my all time faves and their second album Sounds Good Feels Good is also a big hit with me.¬†I can’t wait to hear Jet Black Heart, Hey Everybody, Catch Fire & Aeroplanes. I’m also hoping that they do Long Way Home & Beside You as they are my faves.

Twitter: @5SOS
Personal Twitter accounts: @ashton5sos @calum5sos @michael5sos @luke5sos
YouTube: 5 Seconds of Summer YouTube

The Vamps:
I also seen them on their arena tour previously and i’m going with the same people who i went with before so that will be nice. I love their new album Wake Up even more than their last, so hearing the songs live will be fab. I especially love Rest Your Love, Written Off & Piece Of Mind. They uploaded a cover of Zayn’s song Pillow Talk the other day and it was a great take on it so i hope they include that in the setlist.

Twitter: @TheVampsBand
Personal Twitter accounts: @thevampsbrad @thevampscon @thevampsjames @thevampstristan
YouTube: The Vamps YouTube Channel

The Sons Of Pitches:
I was a fan of these from¬†their first performance on The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone of which they sang Move by Little Mix (‚̧ԳŹ) i wanted them to win just from that performance and every week they impressed me from Wuthering Heights to¬†MMMBop. I was so happy when they won the show, it was well¬†deserved.
When they announced that they were to tour, i was so glad that they were coming to Sheffield City Hall and instantly got my tickets. I like the fact that it’s going to be a different type of music show for me, plus not knowing what songs are being sung and whats in store will add to the excitement.

Twitter : @TheSOPitches
Personal Twitter accounts: @ProbablyNovs @JoeHinds42 @TheJDog @JimHaggis @SchmalOfficial @MideNaike
YouTube: The Sons of Pitches YouTube , The Sons of Pitches Vlog Channel

I look forward to all of those shows and will hopefully do a review of all of them ūüėä