Another year of amazing live shows ahead!

One of my biggest loves in life is seeing my fave artists live on tour, you cannot beat the feeling of seeing them perform live to an audience full of people who all share the same admiration for the artist as i do. So whenever someone who i admire announces they are doing a tour i just have to be there!

In January i went to the Strictly Come Dancing tour at the Sheffield Arena, it was an Xmas present for my mum and despite the fact that i wasn’t really a Strictly fan i decided to go with her.  Jay who won the last series, was a member of one of my fave bands The Wanted, so him being there was a good enough reason to go.

It turned out to be a wonderful night and me not being an avid viewer didn’t effect my view of the show at all. The celebs/dancers were amazing and so were the outfits and the presenter/judges provided us with a laugh. The audience were also made to feel part of the show by voting for their fave via text of which my fave Jay was crowned the winner of the glitter ball trophy that night. I would without a doubt go again as it made a change seeing a different type of show.

I have 4 upcoming concerts for the rest of the year and i am so excited for them all.
They are:

Little Mix :
I seen them on their last arena tour and they were so amazing, they are one of the best lives acts that i have ever seen. Since i last seen them they have released their latest album Get Weird which features 2 of my all time fave songs of theirs Black Magic & Secret Love Song. Black Magic being one of the catchiest songs ever and Secret Love Song showing off their stunning vocals. I know for sure that it will be a top night seeing the best girl band in the world.

Twitter: @LittleMix
YouTube: Little Mix YouTube Channel

5 Seconds of Summer:
I have never seen them on their own tour so this is something that i am really looking forward too! Their debut album is one of my all time faves and their second album Sounds Good Feels Good is also a big hit with me. I can’t wait to hear Jet Black Heart, Hey Everybody, Catch Fire & Aeroplanes. I’m also hoping that they do Long Way Home & Beside You as they are my faves.

Twitter: @5SOS
Personal Twitter accounts: @ashton5sos @calum5sos @michael5sos @luke5sos
YouTube: 5 Seconds of Summer YouTube

The Vamps:
I also seen them on their arena tour previously and i’m going with the same people who i went with before so that will be nice. I love their new album Wake Up even more than their last, so hearing the songs live will be fab. I especially love Rest Your Love, Written Off & Piece Of Mind. They uploaded a cover of Zayn’s song Pillow Talk the other day and it was a great take on it so i hope they include that in the setlist.

Twitter: @TheVampsBand
Personal Twitter accounts: @thevampsbrad @thevampscon @thevampsjames @thevampstristan
YouTube: The Vamps YouTube Channel

The Sons Of Pitches:
I was a fan of these from their first performance on The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone of which they sang Move by Little Mix (❤️) i wanted them to win just from that performance and every week they impressed me from Wuthering Heights to MMMBop. I was so happy when they won the show, it was well deserved.
When they announced that they were to tour, i was so glad that they were coming to Sheffield City Hall and instantly got my tickets. I like the fact that it’s going to be a different type of music show for me, plus not knowing what songs are being sung and whats in store will add to the excitement.

Twitter : @TheSOPitches
Personal Twitter accounts: @ProbablyNovs @JoeHinds42 @TheJDog @JimHaggis @SchmalOfficial @MideNaike
YouTube: The Sons of Pitches YouTube , The Sons of Pitches Vlog Channel

I look forward to all of those shows and will hopefully do a review of all of them 😊






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