Show you must watch: Bad Girls

For Christmas my mum got me the complete boxset of the TV show Bad Girls. For anyone not quite familiar with Bad Girls it was a British drama series that ran for 8 series and aired on ITV from 1999-2006. It was about the inmates and staff of a fictional woman’s prison called Larkhill.

I watched it when i was younger but can only remember certain things that happened, so i’m enjoying re-watching and i’m already on Series 5 and it’s so addictive! They really need to show the whole series on ITV again as i don’t think it would feel too dated and many of storylines and issues raised are still happening today. For those of you are fan of Wentworth Prison & Orange Is the New Black i would definitely recommend giving this a watch.

Many of the actors in the show can be seen on TV screens today, they include Linda Henry, Luisa Bradshaw-White & Kellie Bright who are all in Eastenders and coincidently part of the same family. Debra Stephenson who has done various projects and Claire King who is currently starring in Coronation Street.
There are many great characters who appear throughout the series, some long running and others for just a few episodes. Some of my favourites are:

Jim Fenner  – One of the prison officers who is without a doubt more evil than the prisoners, he has broke the law many a time and should be behind bars. He schemes to get what he wants and doesn’t care if he has stab a fellow officer in the back whilst doing so. He has also had romantic liaisons with the prisoners and even resorted to attacking and in some cases working with them. 

Yvonne Atkins – She is most definitely my fave character. She is the top dog of G Wing who mainly resorts to violence, to stop someone who needs their comeuppance and has been bullying fellow inmates. She is a loyal friend to have in the prison and will always help them when they need it. She is married to a London gangster and doesn’t have any trouble with getting what she wants money wise.

Julie Saunders & Julie Johnston – They have such a close bond that they are more like sisters and are usually known as the two Julies. They are probably the least harmful out of all the inmates in the prison. Their nasty streak only coming out when their families are put in harm’s way or when they don’t agree with events that have taken place.

Sylvia Hollamby – Known to the inmates as BodyBag. She is mostly seen complaining about how much she hates the job and would rather be sat down relaxing then working. She is hated by all of the inmates and is not afraid to put them in their place and give them the punishment they deserve. The abuse she gets from the inmates due to this doesn’t bother her one bit and she loves nothing more than seeing them get their comeuppance.

There is always something dramatic happening in the show such as fights, escapes and new inmates thrown in to cause a stir.  Also there is many comical moments that provide light relief from the drama.
In my opinion the first five series are better than the last three as all my fave characters are active then but it doesn’t become unwatchable at any point and there are storylines to keep you gripped from start to finish.

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