My thoughts on the UK Eurovision entry

Joe & Jake have been chosen to represent my country at Eurovision with the song ‘You’re Not Alone’ and i have to say that this year i am totally behind our song unlike the songs that have been picked the last few years.

As everybody knows the UK does not have a great track record when it comes to Eurovision, the last time we won was in 1997 and although there is always talk of countries voting for their neighbours and such, the entries we’ve been sending year after year have been pretty poor on reflection. They certainly didn’t stand a chance against songs that have won in the past few years like Heroes, Only Teardrops, Euphoria & Rise Like A Phoenix.

Being an optimist about our entry every year i do always have that little bit of hope that maybe just maybe there is a tiny chance we could do it but obviously the chances are very low, kinda like betting on a horse at 100-1 it could happen but it’s very unlikely!
This year however i actually like love our entry, it’s a song that i would actually download and listen to regardless of it being our Eurovision entry. It’s upbeat, modern and catchy and ticks all the boxes of something that we should be sending and the performers are young, good looking guys who will inject some youth – a change from the slight older artists we’ve sent previously.

I’ve seen various reactions to the song but mostly positive and hopefully other countries will think we are actually taking it seriously this year (We even had a show where the public decided the entry, something that hasn’t happened in years!) and think of us as actual competition, not just a laughing stock as usual. I am much more optimistic about our entry this year than usual and hope that even if we don’t win we can actually end up on the left side of the table as opposed to the right side we are usually on! I’m behind you all the way Joe & Jake and whatever happens you will have done the UK proud.

 You’re Not Alone – Joe & Jake official video

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My thoughts on George leaving Union J.

An article was released last night informing fans that George had left Union J, it implied he was ‘kicked out’ by his fellow bandmates. However the truth was that it was actually a mutual decision between him and his fellow band mates Jaymi, JJ & Josh.

This morning his fellow band mates each tweeted the news, rubbishing the claims of him being ‘kicked out’ and that all was well between the band. However, in George’s tweet he didn’t seem best pleased that the news didn’t come out as planned and with the claims that had been made. Though he still wished them the very best.

As someone who has supported Union J since judges houses of The X Factor when George joined, a part of me was surprised to hear of his departure but it wasn’t that big of a shock as of recent he has been doing a lot of projects alone and add to that his appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. He will be missed in the group and i’ve heard rumours of a possible replacement, which i hope isn’t true as it wouldn’t feel right.

It had been quite quiet on the Union J front music wise, and i had noticed that some of the other members were also doing other projects, so i was a bit unsure as to whether or not they’d be continuing at all as a group so in a way i’m glad to hear that new music and a tour is on the cards for the future but in light of the news it’s kinda bittersweet. I absolutely adore Jaymi though, his vocals are just so powerful and i admit he without a doubts stands out for me as the best member, not that i’m saying the other members aren’t as talented! We all have our faves!

All the best to George though with future projects, i know that he is going to do well whatever avenue he goes down.


A ‘SALUTE’ to Little Mix!

It’s less than a month until i see Little Mix on the ‘Get Weird’ tour and i am beyond excited! Since seeing them on the ‘Salute’ tour a couple of years ago they have released the album Get Weird which i absolutely love and the Salute album was so good!! It has given me two of my all time fave Little Mix songs – Black Magic and Secret Love Song, both songs being the ones i’m most looking forward to hearing on the tour.

Out of all the acts that i’ve seen live over the years Little Mix definitely rank in my top 5, they sound exactly the same as they do in the recording studio. They also have energetic dance routines in most of the songs and never sound out of breath. I personally don’t think they get enough credit for just how good they are vocally, their high notes could without a doubt rival many of the top female artists.

I think that overall they are very underrated as artists and deserve more attention to just how fantastic they are. I get that Adele is rated very highly in the music industry but i really felt that Black Magic should’ve received the award for Best British Single at the Brits last month. I was happy to see them nominated though and for them also to have the honour of performing at the show and what a performance it was!

From the first album to the current release, i’ve never been unimpressed with anything that they’ve done and they have proven just how versatile they are from songs like Love Me Like You, Weird People & OMG. They always have high quality music videos and put in so much effort when performing live, be it on tv or on tour. In my eyes Perrie, Jade, Jesy & Leigh-Anne are best girl band out there!