My thoughts on George leaving Union J.

An article was released last night informing fans that George had left Union J, it implied he was ‘kicked out’ by his fellow bandmates. However the truth was that it was actually a mutual decision between him and his fellow band mates Jaymi, JJ & Josh.

This morning his fellow band mates each tweeted the news, rubbishing the claims of him being ‘kicked out’ and that all was well between the band. However, in George’s tweet he didn’t seem best pleased that the news didn’t come out as planned and with the claims that had been made. Though he still wished them the very best.

As someone who has supported Union J since judges houses of The X Factor when George joined, a part of me was surprised to hear of his departure but it wasn’t that big of a shock as of recent he has been doing a lot of projects alone and add to that his appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. He will be missed in the group and i’ve heard rumours of a possible replacement, which i hope isn’t true as it wouldn’t feel right.

It had been quite quiet on the Union J front music wise, and i had noticed that some of the other members were also doing other projects, so i was a bit unsure as to whether or not they’d be continuing at all as a group so in a way i’m glad to hear that new music and a tour is on the cards for the future but in light of the news it’s kinda bittersweet. I absolutely adore Jaymi though, his vocals are just so powerful and i admit he without a doubts stands out for me as the best member, not that i’m saying the other members aren’t as talented! We all have our faves!

All the best to George though with future projects, i know that he is going to do well whatever avenue he goes down.


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