Things That Annoy Me On Twitter

I joined Twitter in 2010 so i’d like to say that i know the site pretty well and whilst i’d say it’s my favourite social networking site, there are times when it can be annoying. Most of the things i am going to mention, are mainly about things fans of musicians, actors etc. do and others are just general things that have happened to me during my time on the site.

Accounts that have thousands of followers yet follow a small percentage back
When people who have say 25,000 followers and are only following 200 back tweet that you should ‘follow them as they follow everyone back’ you clearly don’t! I also don’t understand how these people manage to get away with not following hardly anyone back. The only people i would expect to be not following many people back would of course famous people.

People who moan when their faves haven’t replied to a DM
I’ve kinda gotten used to the fact that the chances of me getting a follow from the people i admire is very unlikely. So i find it really annoying when you see people moaning that James from The Vamps (for example) hasn’t replied to their DM’s (Direct messages). Be lucky that you have him following you let alone being able to send him a message.

When people put how many band members they have following them
When people put in their profile that they have say 4/5 members of band following them back. Yes that tells us you have 4 out of 5 following you, it’s like congratulations do you want a medal!? I just feel that they are bragging about it and it makes you feel bad that you don’t have them following you.

People who spam
When a star does a follow spree and all you can see on your timeline is that one user who numbers every single one tweet, each one saying the same thing “Will you follow me?” Famous people have actually said before how annoying they find this, if i was in their shoes i would be annoyed too and wouldn’t follow someone who spammed non-stop, i wouldn’t want it clogging up my timeline!
Also when users reply to their idols tweets with “Will you follow me?” no matter what the subject of the tweet is. Example:

Famous star: “We won’t be performing at the festival due to personal reasons”
User: “Follow me!”

Annoying accounts that follow you
A while back i seemed to be constantly getting follows from nonsense accounts day after day for weeks and i just thought “There’s millions of users on here, how did you find me to follow!” Here are some examples:
Foreign accounts, 
Competition accounts, Nude men/woman accounts, Help get you follows accounts, spam accounts and last but not least…..
…..Famous people imitations – Their profile looks the same as your fave star and they follow you and you get excited for a minute thinking “They followed me!” then you read @1neDirection and then you just feel annoyed!

Fan Wars
When you are a fan of various groups like me it’s hard to know how to react when you see fans arguing. For example, a couple of years ago The Vamps won some awards and One Direction didn’t win as many and some (not all!) One Direction fans were hating on The Vamps and their fans and i just felt like i had to defend The Vamps but also didn’t want to feel i was hating on One Direction.

Not feeling like you say what you want
This can kinda tie in with what i said i said in the fan wars part. I sometimes feel that i cannot express my opinion for fear that someone will tear me down. People can get very defensive about their idols and even though we should all be entitled to our own opinions the online world now is much harsher than it used to me and you can get so much hate for what you tweet.

People who abuse the direct message

I like to use the direct message feature when i want to talk more personally and it also lets you type more than the character limit of a tweet. So i was more upset than annoyed when a girl i dmed decided to post a picture of our conversation on her twitter and make me look bad when i did nothing wrong. The conversation was basically me saying that this group we both liked deserved to be a lot bigger than they were and she turned it around to look like i wasn’t supportive of them. So please be aware of what you say as you may think you are confiding in someone but they twist your words and let all their followers see.

Overall though all the goodness of Twitter defeats all the bad. You get noticed by your idols and feel amazing that they know how highly you think of them, you meet fellow fans who you can talk to about anything and you are part of a community where you are constantly entertained by what others are saying and doing and it becomes addictive…





Things i’m loving right now!

In this post i am going to write about various things that i have been loving recently from food to music. I highly suggest you check these things out!

Naked Juice Smoothies – Available In Various Sizes At Various Stores
These are literally the best smoothies i have ever tasted, they are absolutely delicious! On Mondays Boots does a £1 meal deal on O2 priority so i always make sure to pick one up then as the smoothies are quite pricey but totally worth it though. My favourite flavour is the Blueberry smoothie and i’ve also tried the Strawberry, Raspberry & Cranberry juice smoothie. There is also a Mango juice smoothie and an Apple, Pineapple and Kiwi juice smoothie. I find them so much better than all the other smoothies on the market, they don’t seem to have that same generic taste.


N07 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask For Dry/Very Dry Skin – Boots £12.50
If you’ve read my previous post then you’ll know that i suffer from dry skin. I was given a £5 voucher off any No7 skincare product and decided to take a look and i came across various products for dry skin and went with this one. I’m so glad that i bought this as it has really helped my dry skin, after using this i applied my moisturiser as usual and when i then applied my foundation it went on perfectly compared to usual when it just doesn’t go on well at all. The only negative thing i have to say about it is that it has made my face feel a lot more oily, which is something i already deal with. Overall though it without a doubt does the job and i highly recommend giving it a try if you too suffer with dry skin.

Lee Stafford Chopstick Hair Styler – Available At Various Stores At Various Prices
I first came across this in one of Lucy & Lydia’s get the look videos and i bought what i thought was this curler and it turned out they had used two different curlers and i’d bought the other one. They then made another video using it and this time i made sure it was the right product i had purchased! All the curlers that i have used in the past haven’t really done much and the curls never seem to hold in my hair. This however does exactly what i want it to and gives my hair very tight curls which look stunning and are still there the next day. This will definitely be my go to product whenever i want to curl my hair now.
Quick tip: when you are curling all your hair, always start on the side you aren’t as good with and then you’ll find you won’t be comparing it as much to the side you can do better! (I read this online and it works!)

I first came across Hometown last year when they were meant to be performing at this concert i was going to. I looked up a couple of their songs on Youtube and was impressed. They ended up not being at the show so i didn’t get to see them, however i booked to see The Vamps and it turned out they were having them as one of the support acts. As they are an Irish group and aren’t that well known yet over in the UK their debut album isn’t yet available so i had to look online and managed to get my copy from Amazon of which i received it the other day and have since had it on repeat. Cry For Help is my fave song right now, i think it’s such a
 beautiful song and cannot get enough of hearing it!
The Vamps concert was on Friday and it was one of the best concerts i have ever been to. Hometown sounded perfect live and i was so glad that i was able to see them live and hopefully they will do a UK tour sometime and i get to hear a full set from them.

If you are into bands like The Wanted, One Direction, Union J and basically boy bands in general then i suggest that you give Hometown’s music a listen to.
You can buy their album in the UK from here: Buying the Hometown album in the UK



My hair/face annoyances!

For as long as I can remember i have had a constant problem with my hair and my face creating many problems for me and still to this day it seems that they carry a constant dislike to me!

I’m writing this post to share my annoyances with you all and also would be happy to hear from people who also have the same problems as me. I found a solution to my problem with my underarm sweating and I talked about that in a previous post but so far I have yet to find one with my other issues. 

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with greasy hair and it’s still an issue to this day. I have tried countless shampoos, asked hairdressers for advice and tested many tips but nothing ever works. I try and prioritise washing my hair for when I’m at work or going somewhere where I want it to look good otherwise I’d probably have to wash it every day. If I washed my hair today, depending on whether or not I dried it with an hair-dryer it would either be greasy the next day or the day after.

I also don’t get all the buzz about dry shampoo, it doesn’t really do anything to help hide my greasy hair and instead leaves it feeling powdery and looking worse than it did before. I must have tried countless brands of it and believe me some are shocking at how bad they are. Yet I still stock up on Batiste and use it in the belief that maybe it is kinda doing something.

At the moment i have been experimenting with different shampoos because greasy hair is the least of my hair worries, I also have thin hair to contend with and it’s a battle between thickness shampoos and greasy hair shampoos. In order to make my hair look thicker i have bought various products, most of which haven’t been cheap and they also haven’t exactly given me the results i was hoping for. I have tried shampoo/conditioner sets (the latter tends to make my hair greasy so i usually avoid), hair serums, sprays and even the Lush thickening treatment none of which made any difference.

I just get sick of having to deal with those problems and feel my hair always seems to look awful, even if my hair is freshly washed i have the problem with it looking thin so i can never win!

Along with my hair problems i also have face problems to contend with. During school i had quite an issue with spots mainly on the forehead and whilst since then it hasn’t been as bad, i still get break outs quite frequently and along with that have the constant problem of having dry skin which just never seems to ease and really gets me down at times. And oh i forgot to mention i also suffer from oily skin too!

These problems mean that i find it very hard to apply foundation to my skin because the application just looks awful! I don’t tend to wear make-up a lot so it’s not really a big issue but say i’m dealing with spots or going to an event and want to look good it makes getting ready stressful. I’ve purchased so many foundations in the past and they just never seem to compliment my skin and instead highlight all the problem areas. The only foundation that seems to be okay is a Boots No 7 colour match one but it’s kinda like wearing a tinted moisturiser as the coverage is very low.

I’ve started using a primer and other products to help with the dryness but they’ve done very little and i’m having an issue with my face getting very oily throughout the day which is causing further problems. I don’t really know what else to try to combat it, so it’s making me hate applying make-up products for the face as i just instantly want to wipe them off.

Anyway enough of my going on, if anyone else is dealing with any of these problems let me know and tell me if you know of anything that really does help.