What i’ve been watching on Netflix these past few months…


Mischievous Kiss  

What is it about?
It’s a Japanese show about a girl named Kotoko who is in love with a guy named Naoki. She confesses her love to him at school but he turns her down, then her new house gets hit by a shooting star and falls to pieces. She and her father end up living with the family of his best friend, which happen to be Naoki’s family. The series sees her try and win Naoki’s love but there are many obstacles along the way.

What is my verdict?

Kotoko is such sweet girl and i really feel for her when she gets rejected by Naoki. Naoki comes across as really cold most of the time and doesn’t seem to show much emotion but as the series progresses he starts to became likeable and caring. There are many other great characters like Kinnosuke, a friend of Kotoko’s who is in love with her and Yuki, Naoki’s brother who takes an instant dislike to Kotoko and idolises his brother. 
I really fell in love with this show and wish that more series were made.

Click Your Heart

What is it about?

It’s a South Korean show about a girl who has four guys falling in love with her. Each guys personality is different, there is an athlete, a dancer, a loner and an intellectual. There’s only 7 episodes in total and each one is just over 10 minutes so it’s a quick watch. The episodes are meant to be watched in a certain order so that you can see each romance in full.

What is my verdict?
The show is an enjoyable watch but the amount of episodes were too little and too short for me personally. I didn’t feel like i could get too invested in it for that reason and also i wasn’t crazy about all the guys she was paired with, maybe that’s because each pairing only took up about 2 episodes each.
That being said i would quite happily watch a second series but i reckon it would be with a different cast.

12 Years Promise

What is it about?

It’s a South Korean show about a girl named Jang Gook, who moves to Seoul with her Mother and Brother to live with her Grandmother at her dumpling shop after her father passes away. She meets and falls for a boy named Yoo Joon-Soo, they end up sleeping together and she gets pregnant. The first half of the series is set in the past and the second half is what happens 12 years on.

What is my verdict?
This show was a very entertaining watch, there was so much drama going on that once i started watching it i couldn’t stop and i was watching 5 or 6 episodes a day. Bearing in mind each episode is an hour long or just over! Apart from the main story, there are lots of other storylines going on that just add to the drama and none of the characters felt underused as is the case with some shows. Initially i was enjoying the first half so much, that i wanted all the series set in the past. However, it was interesting seeing the characters 12 years on as things had changed a lot and it made room for even more drama.

Miss In Kiss 

What is it about?
It’s a Taiwanese show which is the seventh adaption of the manga story Itazura Na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss which i mentioned earlier was also an adaption of it.) It follows the same story of Mischievous Kiss but there are many differences between the two so it doesn’t feel like you are watching a carbon copy. This series sees a girl named Yue Qin in love with a guy named Zhi Shu and her friend Jin Zhi Zhu is in love with her.

What is my verdict?
In this version i was really rooting for Yue Qin and Jin Zhi Zhu as opposed to Mischievous Kiss where i was all for Kotoko and Naoki. I really liked Jin Zhi Zhu and i felt sorry for him each time he was rejected by Yue Qin and also he was very easy on the eye! After falling in love with Mischievous Kiss, i was prepared to not enjoy this as much. As there were many differences between the adaptions, it meant i could get into this show without constantly making comparisons. This was a nice version and i really got into it.

The Miracle/My Secret Diary 

What is it about?
It’s a South Korean show about 2 twin sisters who are complete opposites. Shi Ah is a member of Miracle Girls a girl group and is adored by her many fans. Shi Yeon however is much bigger in weight and is a target of the bullies at her school. One day Shi Yeon visits a tarot card reader and they end up switching bodies. During the switch, Shi Yeon (in Shi Ah’s body) falls for and begins dating teen idol Hae Sung and Shi Ah (in Shi Yeon’s body) confronts the bullies.

What is my verdict?
I’ve watched this show twice over as it’s only 12 episodes long and each one is on just over 10 minutes. It’s a really cute show and i wish that it had been longer as i really got into the story and the characters. Shi Ah comes across as really mean but once Shi Yeon takes over her body she becomes really likeable and you almost want her to remain that way. Shi Yeon is portrayed as a loser, in that she isn’t as pretty and successful as Shi Ah and spends her time locked away in her room, she really comes into her own though and finds herself. The music really stood out too, the songs get stuck in your head! Hae Sung is so mesmerizing, whenever he was on screen i couldn’t help but think how perfect he was!


Love.com (aka Amor.com)

What is it about?
It is a Brazilian movie about a fashion blogger who falls for a video game blogger, after he uses his skills to help her out with a situation. They begin a relationship but find their worlds are very different.

What is my verdict?
I’m a sucker for a rom-com and this one was right up my street. It felt very modern with the characters being bloggers/vloggers, which puts more emphasis on just how YouTube is taking over the world. I loved seeing an opposites attract story. She’s this glamorous, fashionable woman who everyone adores and he’s a geeky, video game obsessed man with no fashion sense, yet they have this great chemistry. It sends out a message that it doesn’t matter how you look, how you dress and how popular you are, it’s the person you are.

 Before I Fall

What is it about?
A Groundhog Day type movie, which sees Samantha and her friends involved in a car accident on the way home from a party. Samantha then relives the day over and over, each time trying time trying to change the outcome.

What is my verdict?
Whilst it was an enjoyable watch, i did find the ending a bit of a let down. I liked the day being relived over and over again and how as it went on Samantha stopped caring about changing her fate but started caring about others. Whilst i didn’t think that she was the worst out of her group of friends, she really redeemed herself as person throughout the movie.

Me Before You

What is it about?
A young woman called Lou becomes a carer for Will, a man left paralysed after an accident a few years back. Will feels his life no longer has any value and at first he’s very stand-offish towards Lou but finds himself warming to her.

What is my verdict?
Firstly, 1. Sam Claflin is in it and 2. Steve Peacocke (If you aren’t familiar with him, he played Brax in one of my fave shows Home & Away) is in it. They were my main reasons for watching this i’m not going to lie. I felt that Sam played the role of Will very well, he was very believable and i initially found his character unlikable despite his condition. It’s lovely the way that Lou comes into his life and somehow changes his mentality and how he begins to appreciate her and they fall for each other despite everything.

The Outcasts

What is it about?
It’s about 2 high school outcasts Mindy & Jodi who wage war on the popular kids after they humiliate Jodi. They and a group of fellow outcasts band together but their new found popularity soon gets to their heads and Mindy & Jodi find their friendship at stake.

What is my verdict?
Seeing Victoria Justice playing a geek was refreshing as i’m used to seeing her in quite glamourous roles like Tori in Victorious. It was also weird that Victoria’s co-star from Victorious, Avan Jogia was in this and was playing her love interest. There were quite a few funny moments, i thought that Louis, the guy into all things fantasy had some good lines as did Ashley Rickard’s character Virginia. It was a light hearted film, that made for an enjoyable watch and it challenged the status quo.


What is about?
A high achieving student called Dani, ends up dating her high school crush Cameron. She is then befriended by his jealous ex Alexa, where she gets sucked into her glamorous world but are things as they seem?

What is my verdict?
This film went above and beyond my expectations. I loved it so much, that i will probably end up watching it again in the next few days. I really liked that Cameron and his friends were popular but they were also really nice guys, which was different to how most popular guys are normally portrayed. Dani was so likeable and i felt like she really blossomed throughout the movie. Her and Cameron’s relationship was so cute and they had great chemistry. The story flowed well and i didn’t feel bored of it at any point and the ending was perfect too.


May favorites!


Eurovision Song Contest 2017
Eurovision is a live music contest that takes place every year, it sees countries of Europe (and now Australia!) each perform an original song. Then each country votes for their favourite song and the voting is revealed at the end of the night. The final scores are a mixture of jury votes and the public votes.

When i watched the semi finals there was only a few songs that i liked but with hearing them again in the final and listening to the soundtrack i’ve added more favourites to the list. Whilst i didn’t particularly agree with Portugal being crowned with the winning song (Bulgaria was robbed!), i did think this year was one of my fave contests of the past few years. I was also very proud of my countries entry, the song was fantastic and Lucie gave a stunning performance.

My fave songs from this years contest:

Australia – Don’t Come Easy
Austria – Running On Air
Bulgaria – Beautiful Mess
Spain – Do It For Your Lover
Greece – This Is Love
Israel – I Feel Alive
Norway – Grab The Moment
Slovenia – On My Way
Sweden – I Can’t Go On

Your Face Or Mine
This TV show hosted by Jimmy Carr & Katherine Ryan sees a couple earning money by judging their own looks and celebrities looks. For example, there is a round where the audience picks out the best male and female members and the couple have to decide where they rank looks wise, in the line ups. It’s funny, it’s entertaining and it’s not to be taken too seriously.


Tomorrow When The War Began
This film had been hanging around in my room unwatched for a long time and i finally decided to see what it was like. It’s about group of Australian teenagers who go on a camping trip, during the trip a war breaks out. They return home to find all their homes empty and go on the run to avoid being captured, working together to try and put a stop to it.
I think that this film was worth watching and i would watch it again, the story was very strong throughout and i felt like we got to know each character well enough.


Lorde – Green Light
Lorde has returned with a song as good as her debut Royals. It’s upbeat and catchy, a win win for me.

John Legend – Love Me Now
They kept advertising his tour on the TV and this song was used for it. I like the chorus especially with “Love Me Now, Love Me Now, Oh oh Love Me Now” parts. I wouldn’t say i’m a big fan of his but every now and then he releases a song i really like. 

Niall Horan – Slow Hands
As much as i loved One Direction, i have to admit that i never appreciated just how talented Niall is and i apologise. Out of the all the solo careers from the guys, Niall has actually impressed me the most. This second single from him has really grew on me and along with ‘This Town’ he has released 2 fantastic songs. I now cannot wait to see what the album is like.

New Hope Club – Welcome To The Club EP: Water, Fixed, Perfume & Friend Of A Friend
I seen them as the support act at The Vamps tour and they impressed me so much.  I love all the songs a lot and have had them on repeat since it was were released. My current favourite is Perfume but believe me all four songs should be heard.

5SOS – Wherever You Are, Story Of Another Us, Out Of My Limit, The Only Reason & Disconnected
I was already
familiar with all of these songs but i finally got around to downloading them. Why they weren’t featured on their albums is beyond me! I basically recommend that you check out all of their discography if you haven’t already.

February/March Favourites

This favourites post sees February/March combined – double the favourites!


Love Song – Sophia Bennett
This book is about a girl called Nina who gets a job working for the hottest band of right now – The Point. Initially she isn’t impressed by their antics but after spending more time with them, she begins to get to know them more and her opinion changes. I couldn’t put this book down once i started reading it, i’m hoping for a sequel and i also would love to see a film adaption of it.

The Art Of Being Normal – Lisa Williamson

This book is about 2 boys who each have a secret – David who wants to be a girl and Leo who wants to be invisible. When David ends up getting in a fight with some bullies and Leo stands up for him they form a friendship. However, the secrets end up being found out and there are many twists, turns and surprises. I read this book in a number of days as each chapter leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen next.

Generation Next – Oli White
Oli is known best for being a popular English YouTuber but like many other YouTubers has ventured into writing. This book is about a guy called Jack who has gone through some stuff in the past but things change when he makes a new group of friends and they create Generation Next a social media website. It becomes a success and offers are flying in left, right and centre. But someone is determined to ruin things for Jack, he has to find a way to stop things from falling apart. I really enjoyed reading this and i’m glad that there is a sequel being released 6th April.


Celebs Go Dating (E4)
It follows a group of Celebrities – Joey Essex, Ferne McCann, Jonathan Cheban, Jorgie Porter, Melody Thornton, Perri Kiely & Stephen Bear. They get signed up to a dating agency and get sent on dates with members of the public, at the end of the process the agency hosts a dinner party of which the celebrities bring someone they have met during the process. I really liked the first series and the second was even better, it was really entertaining and there seemed to be a lot more drama.

Let It Shine final (BBC1)
I talked about this show in my last favourites and since then the show has come to an end. I was really happy that Five To Five were crowned the winners, they really grew on me over the weeks and by the final i was so behind them. That’s not to say that the other groups didn’t shine, they could all go on to do musicals. I am going to be getting tickets to see The Band show as it sounds like something not to be missed!

Britannia High
This is one of those shows where every now and then i just have to watch it again. It aired back in 2008 and sadly there was only one series due to poor ratings. Being a fan of all things music, i really enjoyed the show and it was a shame that it never returned. It has an amazing soundtrack (Wake Up, Weight Of The World, Do It All Over Again & Without You are my faves), great characters and each episode focuses on a different character (Like they do in Skins which also starred Mitch Hewer who plays Danny in this) which works really well. It’s basically an English version of Glee!
Fact: Ed Sheeran & Pixie Lott both auditioned for roles in the show. 


Chained To The Rhythm – Katy Perry
This is just one of those songs that i instantly liked, it’s a great song for Katy to return to the music world with. It was a few weeks back now that this was released but it still remains on the radio. If this is a taste of what’s to come i expect the new album will be just as good.

Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello
Rap music alone isn’t normally to my liking but when there’s a collaboration with a rapper and a singer then it really appeals to me and this is no exception. Camila’s vocals along with MGK’S rap just work so well together. 

No More Sad Songs – Little Mix
I loved this song the moment i heard it on the album and i’m so glad they have released it as a single. My only criticism with the single is them adding Machine Gun Kelly in place of Jesy’s part towards the end of the song. I much prefer the original album version but nonetheless the i hope the song does well as overall it’s a really catchy song.

Love Is Alive – Lea Michele
Lea is back with some new music and i love love love it! Lea is one of my favourite singers and i absolutely loved her first album so i’m excited for her second. Her vocals are stunning as always in this song and the lyrics are beautiful. I’m sure her new album will appear in a future favourites post!

Divide (Album) – Ed Sheeran
If you haven’t heard this album then where have you been!? Ed’s other 2 albums were good but for me this album overtakes both of them. Every song is literally a chart hit (After the album was released every single one of the songs charted) and it really doesn’t surprise me. Ed shows versatility with Divide – From Eraser to Happier to Galway Girl to Barcelona there is something for everyone. I couldn’t rave anymore about how amazing this album this.
My favourites are: Happier, Galway Girl, Castle On The Hill, Nancy Mulligan, New Man & How Would You Feel

Lost Boys Life (EP) – Computer Games & Darren Criss
Computer Games is a new band that Glee star Darren Criss has formed with his brother Chuck. This EP consists of 3 songs: We Like It, Every Single Night & Lost Boys Life. All 3 songs should be up there in the charts. Every Single Night and We Like It are two of the catchiest songs and make great summer tunes. Lost Boys Life is a bit more slowed down but is still catchy. I really like that the Glee cast are bringing out their own music and they delighting us with what they are offering.


Boy Choir (Netflix)
Funnily enough this move stars Kevin McHale of Glee! This movie is about a young boy called Stet who lives a troubled life, after the death of his mother he ends up enrolled at a choir school for boys where he discovers his talents and has a chance to turn his life around. This movie also stars prolific actors Dustin Hoffman & Kathy Bates and Garrett Wareing who plays Stet is one to watch in the future. I really enjoyed this movie, i particularly  liked seeing the character of Stet grow throughout and the music is really beautiful.


Olly Murs Live
I went to see Olly for the first time on his own tour and he certainly put on a show. He engaged with the audience throughout and proved to be a very likeable, funny and down to earth guy all whilst performing his biggest hits and songs from his new album. Up, Unpredictable, Years & Years and Grow Up were my faves and the atmosphere was great. I went with 2 friends from work, one of which is a big Olly fan so seeing how much she was enjoying it added to the night.

I’ve recently found myself browsing through Ebay and discovering a lot of bargains and whatnot. I collect special coins and have been able to add to my collection. I’ve also bought a couple of TY Beanie Babies (Who remembers them?). There are so many great things to be found on there.

That’s all my favourites for the past two months, do let me know if you have checked any of them out and what you have been loving.