Things That Annoy Me On Twitter

I joined Twitter in 2010 so i’d like to say that i know the site pretty well and whilst i’d say it’s my favourite social networking site, there are times when it can be annoying. Most of the things i am going to mention, are mainly about things fans of musicians, actors etc. do and others are just general things that have happened to me during my time on the site.

Accounts that have thousands of followers yet follow a small percentage back
When people who have say 25,000 followers and are only following 200 back tweet that you should ‘follow them as they follow everyone back’ you clearly don’t! I also don’t understand how these people manage to get away with not following hardly anyone back. The only people i would expect to be not following many people back would of course famous people.

People who moan when their faves haven’t replied to a DM
I’ve kinda gotten used to the fact that the chances of me getting a follow from the people i admire is very unlikely. So i find it really annoying when you see people moaning that James from The Vamps (for example) hasn’t replied to their DM’s (Direct messages). Be lucky that you have him following you let alone being able to send him a message.

When people put how many band members they have following them
When people put in their profile that they have say 4/5 members of band following them back. Yes that tells us you have 4 out of 5 following you, it’s like congratulations do you want a medal!? I just feel that they are bragging about it and it makes you feel bad that you don’t have them following you.

People who spam
When a star does a follow spree and all you can see on your timeline is that one user who numbers every single one tweet, each one saying the same thing “Will you follow me?” Famous people have actually said before how annoying they find this, if i was in their shoes i would be annoyed too and wouldn’t follow someone who spammed non-stop, i wouldn’t want it clogging up my timeline!
Also when users reply to their idols tweets with “Will you follow me?” no matter what the subject of the tweet is. Example:

Famous star: “We won’t be performing at the festival due to personal reasons”
User: “Follow me!”

Annoying accounts that follow you
A while back i seemed to be constantly getting follows from nonsense accounts day after day for weeks and i just thought “There’s millions of users on here, how did you find me to follow!” Here are some examples:
Foreign accounts, 
Competition accounts, Nude men/woman accounts, Help get you follows accounts, spam accounts and last but not least…..
…..Famous people imitations – Their profile looks the same as your fave star and they follow you and you get excited for a minute thinking “They followed me!” then you read @1neDirection and then you just feel annoyed!

Fan Wars
When you are a fan of various groups like me it’s hard to know how to react when you see fans arguing. For example, a couple of years ago The Vamps won some awards and One Direction didn’t win as many and some (not all!) One Direction fans were hating on The Vamps and their fans and i just felt like i had to defend The Vamps but also didn’t want to feel i was hating on One Direction.

Not feeling like you say what you want
This can kinda tie in with what i said i said in the fan wars part. I sometimes feel that i cannot express my opinion for fear that someone will tear me down. People can get very defensive about their idols and even though we should all be entitled to our own opinions the online world now is much harsher than it used to me and you can get so much hate for what you tweet.

People who abuse the direct message

I like to use the direct message feature when i want to talk more personally and it also lets you type more than the character limit of a tweet. So i was more upset than annoyed when a girl i dmed decided to post a picture of our conversation on her twitter and make me look bad when i did nothing wrong. The conversation was basically me saying that this group we both liked deserved to be a lot bigger than they were and she turned it around to look like i wasn’t supportive of them. So please be aware of what you say as you may think you are confiding in someone but they twist your words and let all their followers see.

Overall though all the goodness of Twitter defeats all the bad. You get noticed by your idols and feel amazing that they know how highly you think of them, you meet fellow fans who you can talk to about anything and you are part of a community where you are constantly entertained by what others are saying and doing and it becomes addictive…





Music i am loving right now


Secret Love Song by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

The first time i heard this on the album it blew me away, it’s such a powerful song and the vocals are just stunning. Each member has a chance to show of their voice and they all deliver. And then you’ve got Jason Derulo on there as well adding some killer vocals to create the big powerful song that it is.
When i seen the video of them performing this live with Jason for the first time it gave me chills and tears in my eyes. It sounded exactly the same as it did on the album and hopefully it made people see just how amazing they are. I think they are so underrated and deserve more recognition for how talented they are.
YouTube: Secret Love Song (Official Video)
Dangerously by Charlie Puth

Firstly, Charlie’s whole album is just fantastic and second his voice just blows me away. Out of all the songs though this is the one i keep coming back to the most and i hope that he releases this a single. This song is very catchy, i was singing along to after like the second listen and it’s like a part 2 of Grenade by Bruno Mars.
YouTube: Charlie Puth – Dangerously [Official Audio]

Stand By You by Rachel Platten
This song is a great follow up to her massive hit Fight Song and is just as inspiring. I feel like this song would have done really well at the Eurovision Song Contest with the empowering lyrics that it has. Though she sang it on a couple of shows here in the UK it doesn’t seem to have impressed many people as it should have. 
YouTube: Stand By You (Official Video)
Ur Love by Diego Boneta
You may recognise this guy from the movie Rock of Ages and more recently the hit show Scream Queens but he also has provided us with some very catchy songs. Following on from The Warrior and The Hurt (of which you should also check out!), this is the third song of his i have heard and yet again i’m impressed.  I downloaded this after the first listen, It’s very upbeat and catchy and you cannot fail to like it. I really hope that an album is on the way, if the songs i’ve so far are anything to go by it will be very impressive.
 YouTube: Ur Love (Official Video)
 I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
 After hearing Stitches i was very intrigued as to what his other songs were like, so i purchased his album to find out that his other songs were just as good. I only got the standard version and he has since released another version with extra songs including this. This features Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony and i instantly liked this upon hearing it and just had to add it to my collection. I think their voices work very well together and i won’t be surprised if it is as big as Stitches.
YouTube: I Know What You Did Last Summer (Official Video)
Other songs to check out:
Pillowtalk by Zayn – Pillowtalk (Official Video)
7 Years by Lukas Graham – 7 Years (Official Video)
Glowing in the Dark by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher – Glowing in the Dark (Official Video)
Written in the Stars by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher – Written in the Stars (Official Video)
Money by Lawson – Money (Official Video)
The Hurt by Diego Boneta – The Hurt (Official Video)

The Warrior by Diego Boneta – The Warrior (Official Video)
We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez – We Don’t Talk Anymore (Official Audio)
Youth by Troye Sivan – Youth (Lyric Video)

Let me know your opinions of the songs mentioned and what songs you are loving right now. 

tewsimple – A Youtuber to check out

A while back i randomly came across the channel tewsimple on YouTube after her video came up in the search results. I watched the video and found myself looking at other videos she had posted and liking them.

Paula (tewsimple) deserves a lot more subscribers than she has. I enjoy her videos just as much as the more bigger vloggers like Zoella & Pointlessblog. She uploads a bunch of different videos from vlogs to monthly favourites and clothing hauls. I especially loved the “What NOT to say on Tinder” video she posted a few weeks back, it was very funny. Her videos are always entertaining and through watching her monthly favourites i have discovered new music.

So if you are looking for a new youtuber to check out then i highly suggest taking a look at Paula’s channel.

tewsimple: YouTube Channel