Dating site messages part 2

A while ago i did a post about some of the messages i’d received whilst on a dating site and in this post i¬†will be showing you some that i have gotten recently. So for your enjoyment here goes…

Note: Not every guy sends messages like these.

Do you have to wear them glasses or are they a fashion statement?

Mmm you look like a sick kisser

Hey girl, I don’t suppose you have the phone number for the ordinance survey, I want to tell them I’ve found an outstanding sight of natural beauty ūüėúūüėČ

Is the rest of you as pretty as your eyes? ūüėć

The things i would do to you! 

So why do i get the feeling that you’re the kinda woman who would look fantastic in handcuffs?

Excuse me, i’m looking for a friend.. do you want to be my friend

If i flipped a coin, what are the chances of me getting head haha x

Sausage or bacon? Red or brown sauce?

I would x
– (I replied with “I love that One Direction song too!” i¬†personally¬†thought it was a genius reply to his creepy message.)¬†

Hey how are you? I’ve got a free house if you wanna come round?

I also had some guy tell me that he wanted to give me a ‘facial’ and i was quite grossed out by him so i told him and then he decided to block me! He did me a favour by doing that!

Let me know which of these was your favourite and if you have you ever received any like this. 



50 Random facts about me!

Lets get started, 50 is a lot of facts….

1. I am a Libra 
2. I have a sister
3. I have a cat and 2 Guinea Pigs
4. I work in retail
5. I love going to concerts
6. My fave male artists are Adam Lambert, Olly Murs, Nathan Sykes, Shawn Mendes & Charlie Puth
7. My fave female artists are Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Lea Michele & Ariana Grande
8. My fave groups are 5SOS, One Direction, OneRepublic, Little Mix, The Vamps, Union J, Hometown & The Wanted
9. Cry For Help by Hometown & Hotel Ceiling by Rixton are two of my all time favourite songs
10. I was front row at the One Direction On The Road Again tour and Harry Styles threw water on me
11. Glee is my fave TV show in the whole wide world
12. Other TV shows i love are One Tree Hill, Bad Girls, 90210, Gossip Girl, Skins & Smash
13. Naley & Finchel are my OTPs
14. I’ve seen Wicked & Hairspray in the west end
15. I’ve been to Florida in the past and want to go again someday
16. Australia & New York are my dream places to visit
17. I have a fear of Spiders & needles
18. My fave movie genre is a Rom-Com
19. My fave movies are A Cinderella Story, 27 Dresses, The Fault In Our Stars, The Hunger Games series & Eddie The Eagle
20. My celeb crushes are Zac Efron, Sam Claflin, Taron Egerton & Dave Franco
21. I go to watch the horse racing at least once a year
22. I love sweetcorn, pizza & bacon
23. I could spend hours watching YouTube, my fave YouTubers are Zoella, Pointlessblog &
24. I like to read, preferably a romance or non fiction
25. I prefer Twitter to Facebook
26. I love Seahorses
27. My idol is Lea Michele 
28. I’ve¬†met¬†comedian¬†Al Murray, TOWIE stars Joey Essex, Amy Childs & singer/YouTuber Conor Maynard
29. I studied media for a while at college but left after a year as i didn’t enjoy it, though i do enjoy¬†writing hence this blog!
30. I used to have a lovely Jack Russell dog called Tiny and someday i’d like to get another one
31. My fave quotes are “Being a part of something special makes you special.” & “It is
only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is¬†invisible to the eye.”
32. I can’t ride a bike
33. My fave colours are anything glittery or metallic
34. I’m left handed¬†
35. My fave drinks are Coca Cola, Coffee, Naked smoothies, Slushes & Baskin Robbins shakes
36. I share a birthday with Eminem, Felicity Jones, Max Irons & Scarlett Moffatt 
37. My fave lessons at school were English, IT & RE
38. I wear glasses and would like to get laser eye surgery at some point
39. I have a girl crush on the singer Bebe Rexha
40. When i was younger i was a massive fan of Steps, S Club 7, S Club Juniors & Busted and i’ve seen them all in concert
41. I’m more¬†of a saver then a spender
42. My fave¬†albums are Fearless by Taylor Swift, Hometown’s album, 5 Seconds of Summer’s debut¬†album, Take Me Home by One Direction & Word of Mouth by The Wanted
43. I’m not very tall
44. I have a sweet tooth
45. I dislike smoking & rudeness 
46. I’m not really a selfie taking person
47. Jason Derulo, Sam Smith & Years and Years have all liked my tweets
48. I like watching documentaries about life in prisons, they make for an interesting watch
49. I love the Eurovision Song Contest
50. I love shopping and finding a bargain 





My fave One Direction songs

One Direction are one of my all time fave groups and i’m forever listening to their songs. In this blog post i want to share my top¬†11 (I just couldn’t pick 10!) album tracks and top 5 singles. When they reform in the¬†future, i know that this list could quite possibly change but¬†here are my all time faves as of now.


5. Perfect
4. Night Changes
3. Story Of My Life
2. Best Song Ever
1. Live While We’re Young

Album Tracks:

11. Spaces 
10. What A Feeling
9. Does He Know
7. Right Now
6. Don’t Forget Where You Belong
5. Rock Me
4. I Would
3. Half A Heart
2. Summer Love
1. Stole My Heart

Let me know in the comments what you think of my faves and tell me yours!

My New Years resolutions

I have come up with a list of 10 things for my New Years resolutions of 2017, some are quite personal to me and others are just things i want to do more. 

I¬†would definitely consider myself to be more of a saver than a spender but last year i didn’t really save as much as i would’ve liked too. I have set myself a goal of how much i’d like to save by the end of the year and i’m already 1 tenth of the way there. I also have money boxes¬†which i’m saving different coins in and even though they take a while to build up it’s still extra money.

2. TAKE STEPS IN MY LOVE LIFE (Even if that’s just going on a date)
I’ve spoke about my love life in a¬†previous post but basically i’ve never had a boyfriend or been on dates and all that jazz. I’ve been on dating sites over the years but it’s never amounted to anything which is mostly due to¬†myself. There have been a few guys who i’ve had some great conversations with,¬†some of which i was talking to every day for¬†months.¬†But when they’d bring up going on a date i’d freak out and stop communication.¬†This year i really want to dip my toes in the dating pool¬†but i want it to be with someone i really trust, who lives local and someone i have things in common with.

I like¬†buying books and i do enjoy reading, in fact some books are as good as a TV show or movie but i always seem to spend my time doing other things. This year i want to take more time out to¬†read more and spend less time on the internet or¬†watching ¬†TV. I already have a pile of books that i’ve yet to read and by the¬†end of the year and i want to have read them all.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a confident person and i prefer my own company than being with others but this year and i want to try and¬†talk to people a bit more. I want to make more of an effort in conversations and try to get even a little bit of enjoyment from social situations that i don’t normally enjoy.

Going to live music shows is one definition of happiness¬†for me and i just want to continue with the amazing experiences. This year i’m seeing Olly Murs on his own tour for the first time and i’m seeing The Sons Of Pitches again but at a venue i’ve never visited before. I’m also seeing The Vamps & Little Mix again (the Little Mix concert is on my birthday!!) both of which always go above and beyond with their tours. There are so many artists who i really want to see but they only seem to go to places that aren’t near me, so this year i want to go to a different place and see an artist i’ve always wanted to.¬†

I very often say that the mirror is my enemy and i really wish it wasn’t. I’ve been very insecure about my looks since my teens and some days i feel worse than others. Recently i haven’t felt as bad though, my skin has been a lot more clearer (touch wood) and i’ve just felt a lot less insecure. The funny thing is that i rarely ever wear make-up, i’m quite comfortable going out without it so a part of me must feel comfortable in myself. I just want to go about the year no worrying about silly things like how i look, i don’t want it to affect my life.

I¬†really want to post more on here as i really enjoy putting my thoughts out there, i love talking¬†about what interests me and i hope that the people reading this listen to the music and watch the tv shows that i’ve recommended. I really like telling people¬†about the things that i’m enjoying and would like to at least do one post a month.

I would like to¬†do more with my free time, like when i have a weeks holiday from work. I love London and haven’t been in a number of years now so i really want to go again, i want to see another west end show and also visit Madame Tussauds (I want to see Zoe & Alfie’s waxworks!)¬†

Even though i’m definitely more of a saver, a lot of my money seems to go on stuff that i don’t necessarily need. For example, there are so many great bargains to be had during sale times and on many occasions i have bought things just because they were cheap when in actual fact they never even got used. Money that is spent on purchases that weren’t well thought out could be spent on something that is needed or evens saved up.

So this may be the¬†opposite of the above resolution but it doesn’t mean that i want to go on spending sprees all the time! There are many times when i don’t buy an item that i really do need because i don’t want to spend money on it but this year i want to try and treat myself to the odd thing every now and then. I wear glasses so i’d really like to get¬†some different ones and there are things i’d like to get for my bedroom too. I believe that everyone should treat themselves every once in a while.



Product review: Anhydrol Forte

I’d suffered with underarm sweating since i was a teenager, i’d tried all the different brands of deodorant from Dove to Sure none of which did the job. It was very embarrassing having sweat patches under my arm and the horrible smell that went with it. One day a conversation with a work colleague somehow turned to the topic of my issue with sweating and she told me about a product she buys called Anhydrol Forte, she said that she and her daughters use it and worked for them so she got me some.

This product has worked absolute wonders for me and i haven’t had to use deodorant since. It can be used under arms, on hands or feet and is applied at night and washed off in the morning. It contains aluminium chloride hexahydrate which helps reduce sweating by blocking sweat ducts in the skin and provide a deodorant action by killing the bacteria that cause body odour.

It is recommended that the product be applied two nights in a row then to skip two nights and again use it two nights and keep repeating this cycle. I admit there has been nights where i have fell asleep and forgot to apply, also times when i haven’t bothered using it and still even then i haven’t had any trouble with sweating. On the down side there have been times when i’ve applied the product only to wash it off within minutes due to it irritating my skin, in that case i have left it and tried it again another night and not had any problem with it. Also you need to make sure that you do not use it the same day as you’ve shaved your underarms, believe me it hurts like hell!

I’ve read a few things online about the ingredients used in the product causing health issues but i’ve had no problems with it and there are people who need to inform others about possible risks but there are no warnings about possible health issues on the actual leaflet that is issued with the product.

Overall i highly recommend this product to those who suffer like me. It can be purchased at chemists and you don’t need a prescription to buy it, it retails at about ¬£5 and lasts a very long time with a long expiry date. I’m on my second bottle and must have had my first one for easily 2 years and i used it quite a bit. So if you are looking for something to cure any problems with sweating under arms, on the feet and hands give this a try. If anybody reading also uses this or tries this due to reading this let me know what you think of the product.

I have copied some of the information about the product from the leaflet which is provided with the product.


The product

Welcome to littlebitofeverything

Hi ūüėä

I decided to make this blog to review various things that i have purchased, places i
have visited and my thoughts and feelings about myself and my life.

Whoever comes across this and gives it a read, i would very much appreciate your