April favourites

Seeing Little Mix, 5 Seconds Of Summer & The Vamps 
It was pretty exciting attending all the shows so close to each other and I had a blast at them all.
Little Mix certainly know how to put on a show. They sounded just as I expected and dazzled in each outfit they wore (There were a few!). I also applaud them on the fact that many of their songs are accompanied by energetic dance routines yet their voices were perfect all the way through. I loved getting to hear my faves – Secret Love Song which was absolutely stunning and Black Magic which got everyone up on their feet and singing along. Nathan Sykes and Joey Devries were great choices as the support acts although I knew Nathan would be fantastic as i’ve loved him since The Wanted.

5 Seconds Of Summer sent the crowd crazy and that was no surprise at all. Just being in the presence of one of one the biggest groups of today was good enough but getting to see them live on their own tour was a dream. It’s hard to believe that I once saw them as a support act to One Direction at that same arena and now fans were there for them. They sang a mixture of old and new songs – Catch Fire, Heartache On The Big Screen & Jet Black Heart being my faves. Also the support act Jessarae is one to watch, every song was likeable so I hope he releases some songs soon.

The Vamps concert was a complete bargain as i managed to get the £9.50 tickets. Also the programme for the show was only £10 (The other shows were charging £15) and i got a t-shirt for £10! It was without a doubt value for money and out of the three shows it was my fave. The support acts Hometown, Conor Maynard & The Tide made for a nice addition to the show and it was a pleasure to see them all perform. The Vamps themselves put on a top show and you could tell how hard they had worked on it. They also had New Hope Club (A group they’ve signed, along with The Tide) come on singing Cecilia. I loved hearing Written Off though i wish they’d sang the whole song and also hearing Rest Your Love.

The Hometown album
In my previous post i mentioned how much i was loving Hometown right now and i still cannot stop listening to their album. I was as excited about seeing Hometown at The Vamps concert as i was seeing The Vamps themselves and hope they do their own show in the UK someday. The album itself is amazing from start to finish, you literally cannot fault it. My fave songs are Cry For Help, I Wrote This For You, Roses and For Your Love. If you are a fan of artists like Union J, The Wanted, One Direction and older groups like Westlife (basically a boyband fan like myself) then you will absolutely love this. I give it a 10/10

The Duff – Kody Keplinger (Book)
After seeing the film i decided to buy the book and i finally got around to reading it the other week. Though i really enjoyed the film i was very surprised by how different it was to the book itself. The film centres more around Bianca finding out and then wanting to rid her image as The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) whereas the book touches lightly on The Duff subject but it isn’t a big part of the story. Also there is no Madison (Bella Thorne’s character) in the book and Bianca detests Wesley way more than she does in the movie. Those being just a few of the differences to the movie. I’m now intrigued as to what the movie would have been like if it had followed the book more closely but all in all i couldn’t fault both ‘versions’.

Eddie The Eagle (Movie)
The Eddie The Eagle movie was such a feel good film from start to finish and there were laughs a plenty throughout. Though i knew little about the real life Eddie, that didn’t matter as the story was a mixture of half biographical and half fiction. Taron Egerton did a superb job as Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and Hugh Jackman made a nice edition as Bronson Peary  a former champion ski jumper.  It was nice to see a film that celebrated the underdog and gave you that ‘anything is possible’ feeling.  It was a really enjoyable film and i look forward to watching it again when it comes on DVD. I have to give it a 10/10!

Awkward (TV show)
I remember watching the first couple of episodes back when it first aired in the UK but somehow stopped watching. I signed up for a free 30 day trial to Amazon prime and when i discovered that i could watch this, i just had give it another go. I’m already on series 3 after less than week and obsessed (it helps that it’s only 20 minutes long so i can cram a lot in!). I love Jenna & Matty, they are my fave ship right now and i hope they end up together – the actors have such good chemistry and Matty is very good looking. Each episode gives Jenna a new problem to deal with and keeps the stories fresh and it’s also such a laugh. It’s my fave tv show at the moment.

Lukas Graham (Album)
I wasn’t sure if i’d like this or not but i noticed it on amazon prime music and thought why not? I also loved 7 Years (Though it’s overplayed now and i’m kinda sick of hearing it!). I have to say it really took me by surprise and i really did enjoy all the songs on it. Take The World By Storm, Mama Said and Drunk In The Morning being my faves – my mum was even singing along to TTWBS and it was literally the first time she’d heard it. I get an Olly Murs vibe from some of the songs so if you are a fan of his (or if not) give it a listen as i think you’ll like it. I’ll give it a 9/10.

Things i’m loving right now!

In this post i am going to write about various things that i have been loving recently from food to music. I highly suggest you check these things out!

Naked Juice Smoothies – Available In Various Sizes At Various Stores
These are literally the best smoothies i have ever tasted, they are absolutely delicious! On Mondays Boots does a £1 meal deal on O2 priority so i always make sure to pick one up then as the smoothies are quite pricey but totally worth it though. My favourite flavour is the Blueberry smoothie and i’ve also tried the Strawberry, Raspberry & Cranberry juice smoothie. There is also a Mango juice smoothie and an Apple, Pineapple and Kiwi juice smoothie. I find them so much better than all the other smoothies on the market, they don’t seem to have that same generic taste.

N07 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask For Dry/Very Dry Skin – Boots £12.50
If you’ve read my previous post then you’ll know that i suffer from dry skin. I was given a £5 voucher off any No7 skincare product and decided to take a look and i came across various products for dry skin and went with this one. I’m so glad that i bought this as it has really helped my dry skin, after using this i applied my moisturiser as usual and when i then applied my foundation it went on perfectly compared to usual when it just doesn’t go on well at all. The only negative thing i have to say about it is that it has made my face feel a lot more oily, which is something i already deal with. Overall though it without a doubt does the job and i highly recommend giving it a try if you too suffer with dry skin.

Lee Stafford Chopstick Hair Styler – Available At Various Stores At Various Prices
I first came across this in one of Lucy & Lydia’s get the look videos and i bought what i thought was this curler and it turned out they had used two different curlers and i’d bought the other one. They then made another video using it and this time i made sure it was the right product i had purchased! All the curlers that i have used in the past haven’t really done much and the curls never seem to hold in my hair. This however does exactly what i want it to and gives my hair very tight curls which look stunning and are still there the next day. This will definitely be my go to product whenever i want to curl my hair now.
Quick tip: when you are curling all your hair, always start on the side you aren’t as good with and then you’ll find you won’t be comparing it as much to the side you can do better! (I read this online and it works!)

I first came across Hometown last year when they were meant to be performing at this concert i was going to. I looked up a couple of their songs on Youtube and was impressed. They ended up not being at the show so i didn’t get to see them, however i booked to see The Vamps and it turned out they were having them as one of the support acts. As they are an Irish group and aren’t that well known yet over in the UK their debut album isn’t yet available so i had to look online and managed to get my copy from Amazon of which i received it the other day and have since had it on repeat. Cry For Help is my fave song right now, i think it’s such a 
beautiful song and cannot get enough of hearing it!
The Vamps concert was on Friday and it was one of the best concerts i have ever been to. Hometown sounded perfect live and i was so glad that i was able to see them live and hopefully they will do a UK tour sometime and i get to hear a full set from them.

If you are into bands like The Wanted, One Direction, Union J and basically boy bands in general then i suggest that you give Hometown’s music a listen to.
You can buy their album in the UK from here: Buying the Hometown album in the UK




My hair/face annoyances!

For as long as I can remember i have had a constant problem with my hair and my face creating many problems for me and still to this day it seems that they carry a constant dislike to me!

I’m writing this post to share my annoyances with you all and also would be happy to hear from people who also have the same problems as me. I found a solution to my problem with my underarm sweating and I talked about that in a previous post but so far I have yet to find one with my other issues. 

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with greasy hair and it’s still an issue to this day. I have tried countless shampoos, asked hairdressers for advice and tested many tips but nothing ever works. I try and prioritise washing my hair for when I’m at work or going somewhere where I want it to look good otherwise I’d probably have to wash it every day. If I washed my hair today, depending on whether or not I dried it with an hair-dryer it would either be greasy the next day or the day after.

I also don’t get all the buzz about dry shampoo, it doesn’t really do anything to help hide my greasy hair and instead leaves it feeling powdery and looking worse than it did before. I must have tried countless brands of it and believe me some are shocking at how bad they are. Yet I still stock up on Batiste and use it in the belief that maybe it is kinda doing something.

At the moment i have been experimenting with different shampoos because greasy hair is the least of my hair worries, I also have thin hair to contend with and it’s a battle between thickness shampoos and greasy hair shampoos. In order to make my hair look thicker i have bought various products, most of which haven’t been cheap and they also haven’t exactly given me the results i was hoping for. I have tried shampoo/conditioner sets (the latter tends to make my hair greasy so i usually avoid), hair serums, sprays and even the Lush thickening treatment none of which made any difference.

I just get sick of having to deal with those problems and feel my hair always seems to look awful, even if my hair is freshly washed i have the problem with it looking thin so i can never win!

Along with my hair problems i also have face problems to contend with. During school i had quite an issue with spots mainly on the forehead and whilst since then it hasn’t been as bad, i still get break outs quite frequently and along with that have the constant problem of having dry skin which just never seems to ease and really gets me down at times. And oh i forgot to mention i also suffer from oily skin too!

These problems mean that i find it very hard to apply foundation to my skin because the application just looks awful! I don’t tend to wear make-up a lot so it’s not really a big issue but say i’m dealing with spots or going to an event and want to look good it makes getting ready stressful. I’ve purchased so many foundations in the past and they just never seem to compliment my skin and instead highlight all the problem areas. The only foundation that seems to be okay is a Boots No 7 colour match one but it’s kinda like wearing a tinted moisturiser as the coverage is very low.

I’ve started using a primer and other products to help with the dryness but they’ve done very little and i’m having an issue with my face getting very oily throughout the day which is causing further problems. I don’t really know what else to try to combat it, so it’s making me hate applying make-up products for the face as i just instantly want to wipe them off.

Anyway enough of my going on, if anyone else is dealing with any of these problems let me know and tell me if you know of anything that really does help.

My thoughts on the UK Eurovision entry

Joe & Jake have been chosen to represent my country at Eurovision with the song ‘You’re Not Alone’ and i have to say that this year i am totally behind our song unlike the songs that have been picked the last few years.

As everybody knows the UK does not have a great track record when it comes to Eurovision, the last time we won was in 1997 and although there is always talk of countries voting for their neighbours and such, the entries we’ve been sending year after year have been pretty poor on reflection. They certainly didn’t stand a chance against songs that have won in the past few years like Heroes, Only Teardrops, Euphoria & Rise Like A Phoenix.

Being an optimist about our entry every year i do always have that little bit of hope that maybe just maybe there is a tiny chance we could do it but obviously the chances are very low, kinda like betting on a horse at 100-1 it could happen but it’s very unlikely!
This year however i actually like love our entry, it’s a song that i would actually download and listen to regardless of it being our Eurovision entry. It’s upbeat, modern and catchy and ticks all the boxes of something that we should be sending and the performers are young, good looking guys who will inject some youth – a change from the slight older artists we’ve sent previously.

I’ve seen various reactions to the song but mostly positive and hopefully other countries will think we are actually taking it seriously this year (We even had a show where the public decided the entry, something that hasn’t happened in years!) and think of us as actual competition, not just a laughing stock as usual. I am much more optimistic about our entry this year than usual and hope that even if we don’t win we can actually end up on the left side of the table as opposed to the right side we are usually on! I’m behind you all the way Joe & Jake and whatever happens you will have done the UK proud.

 You’re Not Alone – Joe & Jake official video

Download You’re Not Alone on iTunes

My thoughts on George leaving Union J.

An article was released last night informing fans that George had left Union J, it implied he was ‘kicked out’ by his fellow bandmates. However the truth was that it was actually a mutual decision between him and his fellow band mates Jaymi, JJ & Josh.

This morning his fellow band mates each tweeted the news, rubbishing the claims of him being ‘kicked out’ and that all was well between the band. However, in George’s tweet he didn’t seem best pleased that the news didn’t come out as planned and with the claims that had been made. Though he still wished them the very best.

As someone who has supported Union J since judges houses of The X Factor when George joined, a part of me was surprised to hear of his departure but it wasn’t that big of a shock as of recent he has been doing a lot of projects alone and add to that his appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. He will be missed in the group and i’ve heard rumours of a possible replacement, which i hope isn’t true as it wouldn’t feel right.

It had been quite quiet on the Union J front music wise, and i had noticed that some of the other members were also doing other projects, so i was a bit unsure as to whether or not they’d be continuing at all as a group so in a way i’m glad to hear that new music and a tour is on the cards for the future but in light of the news it’s kinda bittersweet. I absolutely adore Jaymi though, his vocals are just so powerful and i admit he without a doubts stands out for me as the best member, not that i’m saying the other members aren’t as talented! We all have our faves!

All the best to George though with future projects, i know that he is going to do well whatever avenue he goes down.


A ‘SALUTE’ to Little Mix!

It’s less than a month until i see Little Mix on the ‘Get Weird’ tour and i am beyond excited! Since seeing them on the ‘Salute’ tour a couple of years ago they have released the album Get Weird which i absolutely love and the Salute album was so good!! It has given me two of my all time fave Little Mix songs – Black Magic and Secret Love Song, both songs being the ones i’m most looking forward to hearing on the tour.

Out of all the acts that i’ve seen live over the years Little Mix definitely rank in my top 5, they sound exactly the same as they do in the recording studio. They also have energetic dance routines in most of the songs and never sound out of breath. I personally don’t think they get enough credit for just how good they are vocally, their high notes could without a doubt rival many of the top female artists.

I think that overall they are very underrated as artists and deserve more attention to just how fantastic they are. I get that Adele is rated very highly in the music industry but i really felt that Black Magic should’ve received the award for Best British Single at the Brits last month. I was happy to see them nominated though and for them also to have the honour of performing at the show and what a performance it was!

From the first album to the current release, i’ve never been unimpressed with anything that they’ve done and they have proven just how versatile they are from songs like Love Me Like You, Weird People & OMG. They always have high quality music videos and put in so much effort when performing live, be it on tv or on tour. In my eyes Perrie, Jade, Jesy & Leigh-Anne are best girl band out there!

Messages i’ve been sent on a dating site

Being on a dating site means that are you open to receiving all different types of messages and whenever one pops up in your inbox you never know what it’s going to say. Here are some messages i received during my time on a dating site.
Lets just say these conversations never went any further…

Is your Dad a boxer? Because your a knockout

Hey, now stop searching I’m here !

Why are you on here, you’re so beautiful and don’t need to be using a dating app.


You n me baby ain’t nothing but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel 🐒🎤
But on a serious note.. although there’s plenty more cheekiness right here 😜… Hope you’ve had a pleasant week? Btw, what can swim faster, a dog or a horse? 🤔

You can drag me to music concerts if it meant I could hold your hand

 Are the odds im my favor do ya think 😏?


Show you must watch: Bad Girls

For Christmas my mum got me the complete boxset of the TV show Bad Girls. For anyone not quite familiar with Bad Girls it was a British drama series that ran for 8 series and aired on ITV from 1999-2006. It was about the inmates and staff of a fictional woman’s prison called Larkhill.


I watched it when i was younger but can only remember certain things that happened, so i’m enjoying re-watching and i’m already on Series 5 and it’s so addictive! They really need to show the whole series on ITV again as i don’t think it would feel too dated and many of storylines and issues raised are still happening today. For those of you are fan of Wentworth Prison & Orange Is the New Black i would definitely recommend giving this a watch.

Many of the actors in the show can be seen on TV screens today, they include Linda Henry, Luisa Bradshaw-White & Kellie Bright who are all in Eastenders and coincidently part of the same family. Debra Stephenson who has done various projects and Claire King who is currently starring in Coronation Street.
There are many great characters who appear throughout the series, some long running and others for just a few episodes. Some of my favourites are:

Jim Fenner  – One of the prison officers who is without a doubt more evil than the prisoners, he has broke the law many a time and should behind bars. He schemes to get what he wants and doesn’t care if he has stab a fellow officer in the back whilst doing so. He has also had romantic liaisons with the prisoners and even resorted to attacking and in some cases working with them. 

Yvonne Atkins – She is most definitely my fave character. She is the top dog of G Wing who mainly resorts to violence to stop someone who needs their comeuppance and has been bullying fellow inmates. She is a loyal friend to have in the prison and will always help them when they need it. She is married to a London gangster and doesn’t have any trouble with getting what she wants money wise.

Julie Saunders & Julie Johnston – They have such a close bond that they are more like sisters and are usually known as the two Julies. They are probably the least harmful out of all the inmates in the prison. Their nasty streak only coming out when their families are put in harm’s way or when they don’t agree with events that have taken place.

Sylvia Hollamby – Known to the inmates as BodyBag. She is mostly seen complaining about how much she hates the job and would rather be sat down relaxing then working. She is hated by all of the inmates and is not afraid to put them in their place and give them the punishment they deserve. The abuse she gets from the inmates due to this doesn’t bother her one bit and she loves nothing more than seeing them get their comeuppance.

There is always something dramatic happening in the show such as fights, escapes and new inmates thrown in to cause a stir.  Also there is many comical moments that provide light relief from the drama.
In my opinion the first five series are better than the last three as all my fave characters are active then but it doesn’t become unwatchable at any point and there are storylines to keep you gripped from start to finish.

Music i am loving right now


Secret Love Song by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

The first time i heard this on the album it blew me away, it’s such a powerful song and the vocals are just stunning. Each member has a chance to show of their voice and they all deliver. And then you’ve got Jason Derulo on there as well adding some killer vocals to create the big powerful song that it is.
When i seen the video of them performing this live with Jason for the first time it gave me chills and tears in my eyes. It sounded exactly the same as it did on the album and hopefully it made people see just how amazing they are. I think they are so underrated and deserve more recognition for how talented they are.

YouTube: Secret Love Song (Official Video)

Dangerously by Charlie Puth

Firstly, Charlie’s whole album is just fantastic and second his voice just blows me away. Out of all the songs though this is the one i keep coming back to the most and i hope that he releases this a single. This song is very catchy, i was singing along to after like the second listen and it’s like a part 2 of Grenade by Bruno Mars.

YouTube: Charlie Puth – Dangerously [Official Audio]

Stand By You by Rachel Platten

This song is a great follow up to her massive hit Fight Song and is just as inspiring. I feel like this song would have done really well at the Eurovision Song Contest with the empowering lyrics that it has. Though she sang it on a couple of shows here in the UK it doesn’t seem to have impressed many people as it should have. 

YouTube: Stand By You (Official Video)

Ur Love by Diego Boneta

You may recognise this guy from the movie Rock of Ages and more recently the hit show Scream Queens but he also has provided us with some very catchy songs. Following on from The Warrior and The Hurt (of which you should also check out!), this is the third song of his i have heard and yet again i’m impressed.  I downloaded this after the first listen, It’s very upbeat and catchy and you cannot fail to like it. I really hope that an album is on the way, if the songs i’ve so far are anything to go by it will be very impressive.

YouTube: Ur Love (Official Video)

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

After hearing Stitches i was very intrigued as to what his other songs were like, so i purchased his album to find out that his other songs were just as good. I only got the standard version and he has since released another version with extra songs including this. This features Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony and i instantly liked this upon hearing it and just had to add it to my collection. I think their voices work very well together and i won’t be surprised if it is as big as Stitches.

YouTube: I Know What You Did Last Summer (Official Video)

Other songs to check out:
Pillowtalk by Zayn – Pillowtalk (Official Video)
7 Years by Lukas Graham – 7 Years (Official Video)
Glowing in the Dark by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher – Glowing in the Dark (Official Video)
Written in the Stars by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher – Written in the Stars (Official Video)
Money by Lawson – Money (Official Video)
The Hurt by Diego Boneta – The Hurt (Official Video)

The Warrior by Diego Boneta – The Warrior (Official Video)
We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez – We Don’t Talk Anymore (Official Audio)
Youth by Troye Sivan – Youth (Lyric Video)

Let me know your opinions of the songs mentioned and what songs you are loving right now. 

tewsimple – A Youtuber to check out

A while back i randomly came across the channel tewsimple on YouTube after her video came up in the search results. I watched the video and found myself looking at other videos she had posted and liking them.

Paula (tewsimple) deserves a lot more subscribers than she has. I enjoy her videos just as much as the more bigger vloggers like Zoella & Pointlessblog. She uploads a bunch of different videos from vlogs to monthly favourites and clothing hauls. I especially loved the “What NOT to say on Tinder” video she posted a few weeks back, it was very funny. Her videos are always entertaining and through watching her monthly favourites i have discovered new music.

So if you are looking for a new youtuber to check out then i highly suggest taking a look at Paula’s channel.

tewsimple: YouTube Channel